What Squidge-style drafting looks like

Published by: Squidge on 3rd Jun 2018 | View all blogs by Squidge

I'm in the middle of a new project, and caught myself editing as I go along, rather thn doing completely separate edit versions. I thought it would be a helpful reminder to myself to 'capture' some of the naff quality stuff in the drafting phase to remind myself of just how bad I can write before it gets polished up into something worthy of publication.

So I blogged about what drafting a novel REALLY looks like, and you can read it HERE on the Scribbles, if you're interested. 

Course - even version 3 isn't the finished thing. There'll be at least another edit or two before it goes off to the publisher, and there'll be at least two edits again...but they're more fine-tuning than hacket jobs! 





  • Newbie
    by Newbie 2 months ago
    Interesting, Squidge. I used to write the first draft in an old office diary, which I've still got somewhere but now I'm retired I bash my stories out on the computer - it's faster for me. I have to admit it's easier to see where you've made changes and why, when it's written out. Your writing is very neat compared to my scribbling - I find it hard to re-read most of the time.
  • Janeshuff
    by Janeshuff 2 months ago
    Just seen the news, Squidge! Congratulations!
  • Squidge
    by Squidge 2 months ago
    My writing does get an awful lot worse in some places, Newbie!

    And Jane - thank you! I'm on the list with some other really good titles - so my chances are slim, if I'm being realistic. Maud's is well worth checking out. It presents a prose story but in an almost poetic form with text set out really unconventionally. And she's only 16 - wrote it as a charity fundraiser!
  • Janeshuff
    by Janeshuff 2 months ago
    What a small world! I know Maud. And I have read her book.
  • Squidge
    by Squidge 2 months ago
    No! Really?! Its really good, isn't it?
  • Janeshuff
    by Janeshuff 2 months ago
  • Julie C
    by Julie C 2 months ago
    Interesting, thank you Squidge...and invaluable for reminding me that in despairing about my first draft, I'm really not comparing like with like, because all we ever see is the much-edited product in our reading of other writers' work.

    To go slightly off-topic, I'm trying out dictation with non-fiction first and while it's quicker than typing, my initial experience is that it does need more editing than if I type it. I suppose it's years of being used to my brain waiting for my fingers to catch up, and lobbing in improvements along the way. I'm intrigued as to the impact dictation might have on my fiction if I ever summon up the courage to try it. So far I've only tried character sketches and plotting. But another part of me thinks that I write better by hand for fiction. Maybe speed isn't a good thing for the creative mind?
  • Squidge
    by Squidge 2 months ago
    About four years ago, I had to use dictation, Julie, when I hurt my arm. I got very frustrated with it, because you have to train the Dragon to hear the way you say things, then you have to train it to - in my case - spell all sorts of weird things because I write fantasy! My dictated text usually included things like 'no that's not what I said delete go back you bloody pain' etc etc.
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