Who are we really?

Published by: Ariejester on 11th Nov 2017 | View all blogs by Ariejester

Write something passionate they said. Write something deep. But what is deeper than my thumping heart as it bursts free from pain and sorrow? What teases out the memories of torturous heartache and dismay? Is today any different, will tomorrow be new? It isn't the day, but the mindset. It follows me around through second, minute to hour. Tormenting, impaling my mind with its treacherous desire to hope, have faith. But have faith in what, have hope in who? What difference does it make how we live, how we die? Who are we but a speck of dust in the planets vast civilisation? Who am I but a number in an infinite war of peace and love?


We are but humanity, a tumble weed alone in the distance, spaced out from the normality that surrounds us, hoping to live another day, praying for it to smile brightly once again. But who do we kid? Who really smiles on us anymore, what are we to the immortals that created us, if they even created us in the first place. Science argues that truth, but is it truth, is it fiction. Who are we really?



  • Yo
    by Yo 7 months ago
    I'm not sure if it even matters who we are. If we found out tomorrow - for certain - that there is no God/Creator/Superbeingthing, then I've still got to go out next day, put one foot in front of the other, pay my taxes, do stuff, go home, watch tv, sleep, get up, shower, walk out the door, put one foot.....

    If we find out tomorrow - for certain - that there is a Creator, well fuck me I'd better start doing some grovelling for all the times I've fucked up.

    Either way, I'm not really bothered, just do the best I can with the body I've got and try to enjoy the time I have. I don't care who smiles on me, I smile on myself and I'm happy with that.

    I've said this before, to me, it's almost certain that we have not been created, we're just a mixture of atoms and chemicals. The mixture of which is nearly infinite. Just look at Blue Planet 2 and what weird things are in the sea! Nevertheless, when I'm on my deathbed I want to be thinking I'm off to somewhere, so I'm all for believing in a creator, even if I'm not convinced!

    The reality of it all is that there will be a time in your life, where you have your deathbed moment. It might be a flash of a second (crash) or something you have years to ponder knowing its coming. But I'm comfortable knowing my own deathbed moment will be full of optimism for my future.
  • Ariejester
    by Ariejester 7 months ago
    That's faith there, faith in oneself and the hope for the divine. Beautifully put.
  • nba
    by nba 7 months ago
    Gosh! I'm sure I don't know.

    But I do love Yo's attitude to things. It springs up again and again on the Word Cloud, a beacon of cheerfulness amid the sometimes dour content of this site. Good on ya, mate. ;-)
  • Dolly
    by Dolly 7 months ago
    I've been created Yo, otherwise I wouldn't exist and be able to write this. I must agree with you though, that whatever is or isn't, I still have to go through my day. I'm now 76, meditate most days, and have done for the last 40 years. Nine years ago I ended up in intensive care and cheated death by the narrowest of margins. The fact that I'm alive at all, for me is staggering, and I came to that conclusion long before my little skirmish with the grim reaper. I personally don't believe in the God I was brought up to believe in, as I take issue with virgin births, and someone being hacked to death on a cross, and three days later they're up and about! Whether you believe in God and the divine or not, there is certainly something very profound going on, and its going on right under my nose! So Ariejester, be careful of that thing in your head that talks to you in English, it has a habit of being negative!
  • mike
    by mike 7 months ago
    Does Mahler express your first paragraph? I find some- I suppose you might say solace - in music, Schubert is a particular favourite and he had a tragic life. His string quartets, songs and piano works do give pleasure to many people.
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