The Worst Police Chase of the Century

Published by: Cedeno Troutman on 2nd Jun 2015 | View all blogs by Cedeno Troutman

It all started as a joke when a group of drug dealing teenagers decided to engage the police in the chase of the century. Well, to them, it was all fun and they set out on an escapade to acquire all the necessary tools. The first stop was at the gun store where they purchased a great deal of guns and ammo. In addition to the guns, they purchased grenades .They also purchased bows and arrows, a band of spikes and nails.

The chase was scheduled for April 1 and the group of five had embarked on a journey to learn the use of all the tools and devices they had purchased. Prior planning had ensured that they had a full month to practice and perfect their act.The plan was a no keyword just write the article kind of plan. So, some specialized in the bow and arrow while the rest had a shot with the guns. They also had intense driving training for their driver who was taught to maneuver the corners, streets and perform all manners of theatrics while still maintaining the car balance and velocity. On the planned day, the teenagers packed all their tools in a vehicle that had been customized to include bullet proof windows and wheels and set out. In addition, the car had been customized in such a way that it would survive a grenade attack.

A trip to a convenience store was the start point of the chase. The teenagers vandalized the machinery in the store, stole food and money and shot all the workers in the store. The shoppers were all spared the ordeal and were asked to leave at the earliest opportunity. The teenagers then had the driver wait in the vehicle, in front of the New York convenience store. As soon as the police vehicles were in sight, the vehicle took off at an alarming speed. What followed was an intense and involving police chase that had up to nine police vehicles in the beginning and a helicopter. The teenagers' plan was to transverse the city and find way into Massachusetts undetected.

After just a few kilometers, the bows and arrows were used to disable as many police cars as possible. This was done through shooting the front wheels of all the vehicles in sight. This disabled four out of the nine vehicles and the chase continued. Next, they employed the spikes and nails to disable more vehicles. This left two vehicles chasing them. When it became apparent that this was a professionally prepared and executed police chase, the helicopter was called in. other police departments in the city were called in to try and stop the teenagers. What ensued was a bid to circle the teenager from as many directions as possible. The helicopter helped the increasing police vehicles in navigating their way towards the teenagers.

When it became apparent that their joke had gotten out of hand, the teenagers decide d that they would put down as many police men as possible. The grenades were dropped in as many police cars as possible while the gunmen shot at the drivers of the police cars to delay them. In the process, one of the teenagers sustained a shot to the chest while another was shot in the shoulder. Their strategy was failing and this means that they would end up behind bars or even dead. They decided to change the strategy and stay within New York but engage in the police in a circular chase as they look for a way out.

After eight hours and twelve minutes, the teenagers abandoned their vehicle and disappeared into a busy street. But all this was in vain. Their fingerprints were all over the vehicle, the guns, bows and arrows and the protective clothing left in the vehicle. Besides making a clean get away, they were all apprehended later and charged with multiple murder crimes, vandalizing and destroying property, assault on policemen and intention to misuse state resources. Needless to say they were all sent away for life in a maximum security prison.



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