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Published by: Hilly on 20th Mar 2017 | View all blogs by Hilly

I've been writing for years now. I finish a novel and then I'm on to the next, excited to be on a new adventure. I don't stick to genres or target markets, so I've probably 'shot myself in the foot' as they say. I say 'I don't care', as I just love to write. The ideas pour out and sometimes I'm not able to type fast enough, my fingers a blur and when I look up at the screen, it is a mass of red where I've hit the wrong key. Someone else writes it all. It's not me and I have to read it all back slowly to see what they've written. On occasions, I'm shocked. Who is the person in my head who wrote that?

I write for kids, YA, adults. I dabble in future visions of our world, thrillers, chick-lit. I have nine novels finished, apart from the endless editing (so far) and I'm well on my way with my tenth.

After attending Central School of Art and Design where I somehow acquired a degree in Graphic Design, I moved onto making furniture for a charity. This led to Covent Garden Craft Market, where I designed and made chess and backgammon boards and sold my artwork.

But, life took over and I followed a man abroad, giving up all I had known to travel and work on organic farms across France and Spain. Three years later, I had worked as a builder, artist/craftsperson and even an artists's model.

​Returning to England, I became a graphic designer for a children's picture book publisher. Then, a move to Brighton took me back to my woodworking days, as a joiner for a small company. The experience of also looking after kids with emotional/behavioural problems led me to become a Design Technology teacher.

​Sixteen years later, I gave up teaching to concentrate on my writing. So here I am.





  • AlanP
    by AlanP 1 year ago
    Hilly. Welcome. I look forward to seeing you join in with our merry band.
  • Jill
    by Jill 1 year ago
    Hello, Hilly. Welcome to Cloudland and enjoy. :) You have certainly led an interesting and varied life ~ plenty of grist for the writing mill, so no wonder you are as prolific as you describe.
  • Giselle
    by Giselle 1 year ago
    Hilly, it sounds like you're in a great writing mode and you've landed amongst like-minded individuals. Welcome to the cloud!
  • Hilly
    by Hilly 1 year ago
    Hi everyone. Nice to be here but still getting the hang of where to find stuff etc. My rescue dog is now attempting to climb in through the window, having eaten everything off the washing line, the bench outside, the dustpans and brushes, the hosepipe and myriad other things, so not getting a great deal done right now.
  • Stephen Mark
    by Stephen Mark 1 year ago
    Sounds like you have loads of life experience to spring from, Hilly. I am sure you will use that to good effect in your writing! Welcome!
  • Hilly
    by Hilly 1 year ago
    I have managed to weave a bit of my 'life' experience into my books but I'd like to point out that I haven't murdered anyone and I don't have a history of mental illness. At least, I don't think I have...
  • JB
    by JB 1 year ago
    Hi Hilly... I'm new here myself. I'm finishing up a crime thriller. I haven't murdered anyone either... (no mental illness). Your life experiences read very deep. Stay great.
  • Hilly
    by Hilly 1 year ago
    Hey, JB. Good to hear from you.
    I'm on my third psychological thriller and rapidly getting nowhere fast.
    Good luck with your writing. Have you posted anything for us to read yet?
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