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  • Are you a ...?
    What genre do you primarily write in?
    Literary fiction
    If you write in more than one area, what is your next most favoured genre?
    Fiction for children
    Are your reading habits ...?
    Who is your favourite author(s)?
    Too many incredible authors to pick one - oh all right then, Patrick Ness for now
    And your all time favourite books? (You can change these at any time, by the way ...)
    Ever evolving. A few: One Day - A Monster Calls - Holes - Me Before You - Water for Elephants - Anne of Green Gables - A Boy Made of Blocks - Moonrise - several memoirs - and lots more
    What are your working habits when you write?
    Are you the edit-every-sentence-ten-times type, or do you prefer to let rip?
    Prefer to let rip and edit afterwards
    Your ultimate writing ambition?
    Apart from a major award, you mean? ;) To have readers howl with sorrow and with laughter; for the words to magic them to feel, relate, smile, hope and think, and perhaps even open a mind or two.
    Your worst habit?
    Racing through plot points.
    Your opinion on the books industry?
    It is a tough game, but everyone does their best
    Where do you write?
    At home; in the garden; at my writing partner's house.
    What else do you want Word Clouders to know? eg: do you have 9 cats / like paragliding / eat nothing but tinned fish / work in the bath / live in Kettering?
    Journalist & editor turned fiction writer - run a choir - sing in a band - love nature/outdoors - traumatised about world politics, the future of the planet and everything in it...



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