61 years old
Worthing, west sussex
United Kingdom
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Read my blog - you won't regret it.
  • Are you a ...?
    What genre do you primarily write in?
    Literary fiction
    If you write in more than one area, what is your next most favoured genre?
    Are your reading habits ...?
    Who is your favourite author(s)?
    Franz Kafka
    And your all time favourite books? (You can change these at any time, by the way ...)
    The Castle, Point Counter Point, The Hard Life, The Thinking Reed, The Vatican Cellars, The Miracle of the Rose, Tractatus Logico Philosophicus, The Teachings of Don Juan
    What are your working habits when you write?
    Are you the edit-every-sentence-ten-times type, or do you prefer to let rip?
    Some self-editing
    Your ultimate writing ambition?
    I want to say what I have to say and leave something for my children
    Your worst habit?
    Working my socks off, writing 85,000 words, and then losing all confidence in what I've done. Oh yes, and covering up by writing something else. I wrote a 6000 word short story instead of a summary for my second novel.
    Your opinion on the books industry?
    It is a tough game, but everyone does their best
    Where do you write?
    Everywhere - especially where I shouldn't
    What else do you want Word Clouders to know? eg: do you have 9 cats / like paragliding / eat nothing but tinned fish / work in the bath / live in Kettering?
    I have no idea what else I'd like Word Clouders to know




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  • Barny
    by Barny 11 days ago
    Good pictures, Ath - hope you had a good time.
  • Sandra
    by Sandra 23 days ago
    Ath - if you're looking for new short story recommendations, I thoroughly recommend Sarah Hall's 'The Beautiful Indifference' and William McIlvanney's 'Walking Wounded'. Also much of A L Kennedy.
  • Hel
    by Hel 29 days ago
    What an unusual comp piece, Athelstone. The ending was surprising, yet made sense completely, and I loved the first person voice – upbeat for a situation that scary.
  • Hil
    by Hil 1 month ago
    Thanks for your comment!
  • Hil
    by Hil 1 month ago
    Unusual comp entry, Ath. Enjoyed reading it.
  • Barb
    by Barb 1 month ago
    Thanks Ath. Crumpets are always good!
  • Newbie
    by Newbie 1 month ago
    Your comp entry made me smile, Ath, once I'd read further on. I love the no nonsense realisation of the m/c as he listens to the creatures. The final line was perfect.
  • Daedalus
    by Daedalus 1 month ago
    Thankyou. There's something of Renton's 'I chose not to choose life' about him I think. I must admit I find your take on magical realism, which seems to come through in a fair bit of your writing, very appealing.
  • Barb
    by Barb 1 month ago
    Love the fantasy aspect of your comp entry, which is a great contrast to the horror.
  • Seagreen
    by Seagreen 1 month ago
    Thanks, Ath.