74 years old
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How to write a best-seller -
  • Are you a ...?
    Unpublished writer (so far)
    What genre do you primarily write in?
    General fiction
    If you write in more than one area, what is your next most favoured genre?
    General Fiction
    Are your reading habits ...?
    Who is your favourite author(s)?
    Denis Lehane / LeeChild
    And your all time favourite books? (You can change these at any time, by the way ...)
    The ones I am currently reading.
    What are your working habits when you write?
    Are you the edit-every-sentence-ten-times type, or do you prefer to let rip?
    Some self-editing
    Your ultimate writing ambition?
    To appear on the Steve Wright show talking about my latest book
    Your worst habit?
    Being super critical - it's about time I learnt to ease off the gas...
    Your opinion on the books industry?
    Self-publishing makes the most sense to me
    Where do you write?
    At my desk in my apartment in Thailand
    What else do you want Word Clouders to know? eg: do you have 9 cats / like paragliding / eat nothing but tinned fish / work in the bath / live in Kettering?
    Like pizza and red wine and Fulham FC.



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British age 71 (young) retired and living in Thailand. Profession, Charity Auditor working in some 40 countries over the last ten years before retiring. Familiar with writing reports to professional standard. Sense of humour, reserved, realist and down to earth. Enjoy writing with a passion for the unusual. Genre: Fiction crime

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  • L.
    by L. 7 months ago
    Great comp entry - very visceral. Really enjoyed reading it.
  • Hel
    by Hel 11 months ago
    Another intriguing comp piece, Stephen. I wanted to know more about the warrior – where he was washed up from, and who were coming for him. Lovely gentle tension throughout and so believable that it reads almost like memoir.
  • Hil
    by Hil 11 months ago
    Liking your story of the washed-up warrior.
  • Mashie Niblick
    by Mashie Niblick 11 months ago
    Great portrait of place and atmosphere Stephen in the comp.
  • Newbie
    by Newbie 11 months ago
    Intense comp entry, Stephen. A life lived the hard way but bringing its peaceful moments. Visual and enjoyable.
  • Seagreen
    by Seagreen 11 months ago
    Same bit as Barb - ghosts and young spirits - and the image of breakers in the moonlight. Nice. :-)
  • Barb
    by Barb 11 months ago
    Lovely flow to the narrative of your comp entry. "Young ghosts" is fabulous.
  • AlanP
    by AlanP 1 year ago
    Your comp entry is properly dark and dangerous.
  • Mashie Niblick
    by Mashie Niblick 1 year ago
    Unforgiving unrelenting comp entry. Great writing.
  • dyslexic of dartford
    by dyslexic of dartford 1 year ago
    Very powerful comp entry Stephen, absolutely fantastic.