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Bank holiday tomorrow and the pizza dude is on his way - there should be more of this.
  • Are you a ...?
    Published author
    What genre do you primarily write in?
    If you write in more than one area, what is your next most favoured genre?
    Are your reading habits ...?
    Who is your favourite author(s)?
    Stevie King
    And your all time favourite books? (You can change these at any time, by the way ...)
    Salem's Lot - Mr King; When the Lion Feeds - Wilbur Smith; Catch 22 - Joseph Heller; The Day of the Jackal - Frederick Forsyth; The Pillars of the Earth - Ken Follett; Crimes in Southern Indiana - Frank Bill
    What are your working habits when you write?
    Are you the edit-every-sentence-ten-times type, or do you prefer to let rip?
    Who needs editing? I am perfect already
    Your ultimate writing ambition?
    To have HBO make my books into a series.
    Your worst habit?
    Saying exactly what I think.
    Your opinion on the books industry?
    A conspiracy from start to finish. My work will die with me
    Where do you write?
    On the sofa.
    What else do you want Word Clouders to know? eg: do you have 9 cats / like paragliding / eat nothing but tinned fish / work in the bath / live in Kettering?
    I don't worship Satan but I do have all his books.



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  • Monica Handle
    by Monica Handle 7 days ago
    Love the 'smell of old pennies' description; it is exactly right and somehow manages to convey a lot of what follows. Great entry.
  • OFP
    by OFP 11 days ago
  • Newbie
    by Newbie 15 days ago
    Thanks, Barb.
  • Newbie
    by Newbie 16 days ago
    Some images to keep me awake at night, Barb. I was an onlooker and couldn't wait to get out of there. Great comp entry.
  • OFP
    by OFP 17 days ago
    Dark comp entry. Laughed at the land 'speed line' and pictured it in my head.
  • Sandra
    by Sandra 18 days ago
    Lord above, Barb - truly terrifying and thoroughly nasty.'Stickiness' - ugh.
  • Seagreen
    by Seagreen 18 days ago
    Ooh, that comp entry...
  • Kate
    by Kate 25 days ago
    What's the vampire sister book called?
  • bazbaron
    by bazbaron 27 days ago
    Nah, the cucking whisky.
  • Sandra
    by Sandra 2 months ago
    Thanks for the correction Barb - I've removed so as not to cause panic.